Endive, Apple and Walnut Salad with Roquefort Dressing


Candied Walnuts

250ml Water

450g Sugar

250g walnuts

Roquefort Dressing

100g Roquefort

50ml Milk

60ml vegetable Oil


50g yellow endive

60g red endive

5 nice watercress tips

12 green apple battens

8 chopped candied walnuts


Candied walnuts

Mix the sugar and water together and bring to the boil.

 Add the walnuts, simmer and leave cooking for about 45 minutes, make sure not to stir.

Strain and drain the walnuts, then lay into a single layer on a mat or chopping board.

Fill a pan with vegetable oil, and bring it up to 180 degrees celcius.

Add a sensible amount of walnuts at a time, cook until they are golden brown.

Take out and strain on parchment paper

Roquefort Dressing

In a blender, place the cheese, the milk. Blitz.

Add the veg oil until it emulsifies.

Pass through a fine mesh sieve.


Cut the apple battens keep in water (with ascorbic acid optional)

In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients season to taste.